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Get a library Card

Get a library card in Jackson County

Ready to get access to the great resources available at your library?
Come get a card at one of our locations today!

Already have a card but don’t remember your pin for the online resources?
Call the library at (850) 482-9631.

How much does it cost?

Library Cards are free to any resident of Jackson County. Bring your photo ID and proof of residency. Children and Teens  0-16 years of age must be guaranteed by a parent or legal guardian.

If you are a resident of Calhoun County, or Holmes County, your card can be used at our library. Check with your library to get a card! Current Chipola students can apply for a free library card.

Non-Residents may apply for a card with an annual fee of $25.00.

If you have lost your card there is a $1.00 replacement charge.

Acceptable proof of residency:

  • State ID with current Jackson County address
  • Rental or lease agreement
  • Utilities bill
  • Jackson County voter registration
  • Checkbook with current Jackson County address.

Chipola Students who do not live in Jackson County: Current Chipola Student ID

If you are getting a card for a juvenile you must be their parent or legal guardian. Legal guardians must bring proof of guardianship.

*Proof of residency must identify the person signing up for the card

Frequently asked questions

I live in a nearby county. Can I get a card in Jackson County?
If you live in Holmes or Calhoun county please check with your local library to get a card. You can use your current library card to use our library. All other out of county cards are available for a $25.00 annual fee.

I had an old card, moved, and have returned to Jackson County. Is my old card still valid?
Your old card will need to be renewed. If you have lost the card there will be a $1.00 fee.

I moved to Jackson County from Calhoun or Holmes County.  Do I need to get a new card?
Yes. You will need to get a new card issued in Jackson County, but will still be able to use the Calhoun County and Holmes County libraries.

How long is my card valid?
Cards are renewed once per year. Bring your ID and proof of residency to the library to renew your services.

What are the limits that can be checked out on my card?
Cards are limited to 25 items at a time with these further limits:

  • 5 items from the same author.
  • 5 items about the same subject.
  • 5 audiobooks.
  • 3 new books.
  • 2 video games
  • 3 Wonderbooks
  • 1 Playaway Launchpad
  • DVD checkouts are limited to 5 total DVDs per household. (1 week, no renewal)
    • 1 BingeBox per household.

Rated-R and Rated-NR items may not be checked out to a patron under 17.

How long can items be checked out for?
Most items are checked out for 3 weeks, and you have the option to renew the item 2 times as long as it is not on hold for another patron. Please be aware of these further limitations on checkout time:

  • New books 1 week, no renewals.
  • DVDs 1 week, no renewals.
  • Video games 3 weeks, no renewals.
  • Wonderbooks 3 weeks, no renewals.

My family member/friend has a card already. Can I use theirs?
All patrons of the library are expected to have their own card to access our services.  Parents may use their card to check out items for a child.

How old does my child have to be to get a card?
Children under 16 may be issued a card at any age as long as they have a parent or legal guardian signature.  At age 16 a juvenile may sign up for a card without a signature from a parent.

My card has fines on it, can I use my child’s card to check out or use the computer?
No. All fines must be paid and all overdue items returned for the household accounts before any of the cards may be used.

I have a card but it won’t work with the online resources. Why?
If your card does not work with the online resources call 850-482-9631 or visit your branch to find out why.  Note: If it has been a year or longer since you last renewed you will need to bring your ID and proof of residency to the library.

I don’t remember my PIN for the online resources. Can you give it to me?
We cannot see your PIN number. Call the library at 850-482-9631 with your card number or come in to change your PIN.

Do you have a drop box for items?
Yes, both locations have book drop for items.
Please be aware that discs and electronic media items should not be returned in the book drop. You should return all of these items inside the building to prevent damages.