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How to add 2 collections to Libby

For PPLCS Library Card Holders


If you already use Libby to view your OverDrive collection you are half way there! Skip to “Adding a second library.”

Download the Libby app on your mobile device, or use one of the collection links below to start with one of the collections. If you already have the app the collections will open in it.

Note for computer users- open Libby using one of the collection links. You may have to log into the collections again if you close your browser, but you can use this method to keep up with your check outs and holds on both collections.

Did you choose to open the site in your web browser? Skip to “Add a card to your first library.

If you start by using one of the mobile apps you will be prompted to add your first library. Click yes to answer the first prompt if you already have a card. If not, you will need to go to your library to get a card.

The second question will ask you if you want to transfer your card numbers from another device, search for a library, or if you would like to have Libby guess your library. Click “I’ll Search For A Library.”

When prompted to search for a library input either “NEFLIN” or “Panhandle Library Access Network.” These are the two collections available with your PPLCS membership. You will then need to choose your location (Jackson County, Calhoun County, or Holmes County.)

Input your card number and pin when prompted. If you do not know your pin, please contact your library for help.

Adding a card to your first library.

If you have opened the Libby website using one of the direct links above you will not be immediately prompted to add your card, but instead you will be brought to the page to view the collection. In this case you will need to add your card to the first library.

At the top right of the screen you will have the Libby menu, which is marked by the black and white Libby logoLibby menu. Click on the logo to bring up the menu side panel.

Follow the prompts to add your library (Jackson County, Calhoun County, or Holmes County,) and your card number and pin. This will add the card to your library so that you can begin checking out.

Adding a second library.

After you set up your first card there will be a small Libby icon at the top of the screenLibby menu. Click this to bring up the Libby menu which shows your current library. To add a second card click “Add A Library” in the “Your Libraries” section, and follow the prompts.

Input either “NEFLIN” or “Panhandle library access network” when asked to search for the library. This time Libby will not ask for you to add your card right away. You start off at the collection.

Open the menu again. Under “Your Libraries” click “Add a Library Card” to open the prompts, choose your location (Jackson County, Calhoun County, or Holmes County,) and input your card number and pin when prompted.

You are set up to use both of the collections and can start checking out now!

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