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Recognizing Mr. Elmore Bryant.

Recognizing Elmore Bryant: an educator, a leader of the Jackson County NAACP, and Marianna’s first African American mayor.

In recognition of African American History month, Jackson County Public Library has a very special presentation available for viewing on the library’s web site. Mr. Elmore Bryant is a prominent and revered citizen of Jackson County who has tirelessly worked most of his life for equality, education, and enrichment of the lives of African Americans in our community. It is a rare opportunity to learn about the efforts and accomplishments of Mr. Bryant. We are honored and privileged to share this information with you. Thank you, Mr. Bryant, for all you have done and continue to do for Jackson County citizens. I am grateful to Mr. Wayne Bryant for gifting the library with this DVD presentation, and to Ms. Seto van Boxtel for her technical expertise in getting it posted for public viewing.  

Deborah Hynes, Director Jackson County Public Library